After the dust settled on Ohio State’s loss at Penn State, many asked the question.

Well, what did that really change for the Buckeyes?

It hurt their ranking, obviously. But technically, the Buckeyes are still in control of their own B1G destiny, and ultimately appear to be in control of their own College Football Playoff destiny. Everything will likely come down to Michigan-Ohio State in the regular season finale.

And in that regard, Vegas still slightly favors the Buckeyes.

According to the latest national title odds from Bovada, Ohio State is still sitting at No. 2 behind Alabama. Michigan is still behind the Buckeyes at No. 3.

Here’s how Bovada had the top 10:

  • Alabama: 8-5
  • Ohio State: 9-2
  • Michigan: 6-1
  • Clemson 7-1
  • Washington 9-1
  • Louisville 9-1
  • LSU 20-1
  • Oklahoma 33-1
  • Nebraska 40-1
  • Wisconsin 40-1
  • West Virginia 40-1
  • Auburn 40-1

That’s really not much of a difference between Michigan and Ohio State, but it’s still one worth noting. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that all three of Urban Meyer’s national titles came after a regular season loss.

Ohio State and Louisville are the only one-loss teams with odds better than 20-1. In other words, Vegas only thinks that six teams have a legitimate chance to win it all.

And for now, two of them are Michigan and Ohio State.