Ohio State fans are some of the best traveling fans in college football. That’s no secret.

There’s always a solid representation of red wherever the Buckeyes play, and as expected, there are plenty of OSU fans set on making the trip to Oklahoma.

Ohio State might be trying to take over Norman.

The university announced that it rented out the Lloyd Noble Center for “Buckeye Bash,” which will serve as a pregame pep rally. The alumni association will host Buckeyes from 4-5:30 p.m. before the 6:30 p.m. CT kickoff.

According to the Ohio State Alumni Association release, Brutus, the Ohio State Marching Band and Buckeye cheerleaders will be in attendance. Registration for the event is already sold out.

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Why is that noteworthy? Well, the Lloyd Noble Center is Oklahoma’s basketball stadium. Usually, the home team doesn’t rent that out for a pregame party for the visiting team. It’s certainly surprising that anyone at the Lloyd Noble Center signed off on such an activity.

The game obviously has major College Football Playoff implications, and a loss would all but end Oklahoma’s chances at a return trip. The atmosphere figures to be as intense as any in the country on Saturday.

Surprising it is to hear Oklahoma so willing to open its doors to the mass of Buckeye fans that are set to invade Norman. You can bet there are a few OU graduates/fans/officials/players that won’t be pleased with this decision.

Expect some fun on Saturday night.