Just a few days ago, it was hard to know whether Urban Meyer would retain his job as the head football coach at Ohio State following the bombshell report that claimed he knew about the alleged domestic violence incidents involving former assistant coach Zach Smith. Now, even with Meyer currently placed on administrative leave, his return seems more likely.

ESPN college football personality and SEC face Paul Finebaum believes that Meyer’s return is inevitable, as well.

During a recent interview on WJOX’s The RoundTable, Finebaum touched on the investigation involving the Ohio State head coach, saying that he believes the administration has already “made up its mind” on the situation.

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Well, Jim, tell me how you can determine that we will know all the answers in 14 days unless you’ve already made up your mind?”

“I think it’s pretty obvious from Ohio State realizing that the moment they put him on administrative leave it telegraphed to everyone ‘he’s done,’ to Urban realizing he had to change the narrative by issuing that statement on Friday afternoon coinciding with Zach Smith’s just purely embarrassing interview with ESPN. And then, today, I think the betting line in Vegas is now shifting back toward Urban Meyer surviving somehow, whether it’s a two-game or four-game suspension; whether it’s a fine; whether it’s Urban Meyer sitting down with Rece (Davis) or Tom Rinaldi and crying on camera while Shelley looks at him and talks about how he’s the greatest man she’s ever known. You guys can spend plenty of time today coming up with the narrative, but I think we’ve all seen the movie before.

After making the comments in regards to Meyer and the likelihood that he survives the situation, Finebaum also talked about Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith.

Finebaum thinks Smith has a lower chance of returning to his post.

I think he’s less likely to survive. Listen, we all do what we can to honor our bosses, but I think what Urban did to his boss yesterday was just pure…survival mode. You know, ‘I’m about to get fired, so what can I do to show what a good leader I am? I’m going to throw my boss under the bus.’ And that’s exactly what he did. I’ve spent time in Columbus, Ohio and the battle between Gene Smith and Urban Meyer is a no contest. Gene Smith will go far more quickly than Urban Meyer.

That’s an interesting take from Finebaum, and it’ll be even more interesting to see how this whole thing plays out. But it is notable that Ohio State put a timeframe on its investigation.