Nick Bosa’s decision to focus on his career in the NFL and axe the idea of a potential return to Ohio State may have not been the best for college football, but it was certainly in his best interest. And there are plenty of folks out there supporting his decision.

Two of those people who thought Bosa made the right move were ESPN college football analyst and radio host Paul Finebaum and NFL draft analyst Todd McShay. While neither believe it was a great thing for the sport, they made it clear that Buckeyes defensive end took the better path.

“It’s not good for college football and I don’t love this, but you’re looking at a $30 million decision,” McShay said on SportsCenter. “That’s about what he’ll be paid (in the No. 1 slot). He’s played 30 games, so there’s plenty of tape out there. What’s best for Nick Bosa, right or wrong, is making sure he’s (healthy) to play at the next level.”

Bosa suffered an injury in Ohio State’s Sept. 15 matchup against TCU. In the days after the game, the defensive end had surgery for a core muscle injury. If he returned, it wouldn’t have come until November.

Finebaum agreed with McShay’s assessment of the situation.

“I think he made the right decision,” Finebaum said. “He’s an elite rusher. He could be the No. 1 pick. College football is a billion dollar business. The people who run college football don’t care about Bosa. This is a business decision and when you’re and elite player at Ohio State, this is what you do. When you have a top player like that, you have a trickle down effect. Elite players think about one thing — making money at the next level.”

Bosa’s decision to focus on the NFL was reported on Tuesday. A day earlier, Urban Meyer said he was “hoping” to have the defensive end back at some point in the season.

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