Each rating system is flawed. Remember the BCS?

That was certainly flawed. It was based entirely on numbers. Computers chose the two best teams and then they would play each other to determine the best team in the country at the end of each season.

Now, we have a College Football Playoff featuring four teams. Is that enough? Does it work having a human committee overseeing everything? Aren’t there biases?

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Regardless, Phil Steele knows college football. He has a ratings system. It’s an Average Games Grades system that is based on yardage, points and opponents faced.

Here are his top 10 teams right now:

Again, this is based on his system. But, look at the numbers. The difference between Ohio State at No. 1 and Clemson at No. 2 is 10 points. Look at the difference between Clemson and No. 10 Georgia.

It’s only an eight-point differential. What does that mean?

Ohio State is rated much better than every other team in the country according to this rating system. Is that the case?

Well, in a few weeks, we may find out.