There will be no Ohio State-Michigan football game in 2020. With the B1G cancelling football season for the fall, one of the sport’s most heated rivalry games will not be played.

Don’t think for one second that it means there’s a pause on the rivalry, though. There’s still a ton of hate between these two programs, even if it means there are at least a few additional months until the two teams meet.

Ryan Day proved that the rivalry never rests when answering questions from reporters earlier this week. When the second-year leader of the Buckeyes was asked about handling this unique situation with the season canceled, she inserted the word “Michigan” into the question.

Day did not like that.

“It’s The Team Up North,” Day responded before answering the question. “Please don’t use that word.”

Even though the rivalry game won’t be played, there’s been some beef between Ohio State and Michigan during the offseason.

Last week, it was reported by Bucknuts that Day was speaking during a B1G coaches conference call and was interrupted by Jim Harbaugh, who accused the Buckeyes of breaking rules for providing impermissible on-field instruction before it was allowed. That accusation didn’t sit well with the Ohio State head coach.

“How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?” Day reportedly said to Harbaugh. But Day’s frustration with Harbaugh didn’t end on the conference call, and reportedly spilled over into the football facility.

During a team meeting after the call, Day reported told his players “Michigan better hope for a mercy rule this year because we are going to hang 100 on them.” Day’s comments were confirmed by ESPN on Thursday.

Even with no football, the pettiness between the two programs powers on. And we love every second of it.