Michael Thomas didn’t want to miss out on a chance to win a Super Bowl in what is likely to be Drew Brees’ final season in the NFL. So the New Orleans wide receiver played through significant injuries all year long in an effort to claim a championship.

Now, the Saints receiver will require surgery.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Tuesday that Thomas is likely to have surgeries on the torn deltoid and other injured ligaments in his ankle at some point during the offseason. While the injuries bothered the receiver throughout the year, he wanted a chance to win a Super Bowl.

“He knew it was likely Drew Brees’ last year and didn’t want to miss out trying to win a Super Bowl with him,” Schefter reported.

“Michael Thomas often wouldn’t practice all week, yet would still play in games, at much less than 100%, and with pain medication. The coaches told him even as injured as he was, they were much better off with him than without him.”

Thomas finished the regular season with 40 catches for 438 yards in 7 games for the Saints. He had 5 catches for 73 yards and a touchdown in New Orleans’ victory over the Bears, but those were the only statistics he posted in the postseason.

New Orleans was defeated by Tampa Bay 30-20 in last week’s divisional round.