Ohio State football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint have been charged with rape and kidnapping, according to a report from Eleven Warriors. Both were arrested and booked into Franklin County Jail Wednesday morning.

The charges against Riep and Wint are first-degree felonies. Arraignments are scheduled for Thursday morning.

An initial report was made on the situation late Tuesday night. Ohio State was quick to suspend the two defensive players from all team activities and issue a statement.

“We are aware that two of our students have been arrested and criminally charged,” Ohio State said in a statement. “They have been suspended from all activities involving the football program. We will share more information when available.”

Details from the report were graphic. From Eleven Warriors:

Riep, according to the complaint, “held the victim in place, restraining the liberty of another,” and pushed the victim “down by the neck then held her in place with his hands and body, with the purpose to engage in sexual activity with and against the will of said victim.”

Wint, according to the complaint, physically held the victim “by the face” and prevented the victim from “getting away or getting his penis out of her mouth, with the purpose to engage in sexual activity with and against the will of said victim.”

The victim began to have consensual sex with Riep before she stopped and moved away from him, telling him that she “did not want to continue,” per the summary statement of facts in a Franklin County Municipal Court affidavit in support of probable cause. Wint then entered the room, and Riep asked if he could join before forcing her to have non-consensual sex, per the affidavit. Riep then held her in place while Wint forced oral sex on the victim, according to the summary statement of facts.

According to the report, Riep also forced the victim to state her name and admit that the acts were consensual before returning her home to her residence.

Riep is a senior cornerback for the Buckeyes and Wint is a redshirt senior linebacker/safety.