There’s been a high level of doubt that Justin Fields’ petition to get the B1G to reinstate a fall football season in 2020 will be successful. However, an attorney who has previously worked with the Ohio State quarterback believes this new push from the college football star has a chance to work.

On Monday, Bill Rabinowitz and Joey Kaufman of The Columbus Dispatch reported that prominent attorney Tom Mars — who previously helped Fields receive his immediate eligibility waiver at Ohio State following his transfer from Georgia — thinks the QB’s effort could pay off.

“I think it’s going to matter a lot,” Mars said, according to The Columbus Dispatch. “I think it already matters. I don’t think this dilemma is going to be solved in a court of law. I think it’s going to be solved in the court of public opinion. I can’t think of any individual in college football — player, coach or otherwise — who has more credibility and respect than Justin Fields.”

Since the B1G pulled the plug on a fall football season last Tuesday, parent groups from Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and Penn State have sent letters to the league office. The goal has been to pressure commissioner Kevin Warren and the conference’s 14 presidents into providing more detailed explanations behind the decision to push the football season to the spring.

Fields took matters into his own hands on Sunday. The junior quarterback launched a petition urging Warren and the B1G presidents to reverse course and reinstate the season. In less than two days, the petition has received 250,000 signatures.

Mars says that the B1G’s lack of leadership and communication has been a huge issue over the last few months.

“The failure of transparency has called into question the legitimacy of their decision,” Mars said. “Which reminds me of that expression I heard and was taught long ago: Transparency is the foundation of legitimacy. Without it, you can expect people to question your motives and question whether you make a good decision.”

With so much backlash from the B1G’s decision, Mars says Warren has a second chance to “do the right thing.”

Whether or not he takes advantage of that opportunity is up to him.