Ezekiel Elliott and his dogs cannot seem to catch a break.

Elliott’s dogs have been in hot water in the past for various reasons. This time, however, the accuser is reportedly looking for over $1 million related to an alleged biting incident.

According to TMZ Sports, Jennifer Gampper is suing Elliott for damages related to an alleged dog bite incident. Gampper claims to be a neighbor of Elliott’s and was bitten by one of his dogs on May 20.

She is claiming one of Elliott’s dogs escaped the house while landscaping services were being performed at his house. The dog then allegedly attacked her. Gampper claims she sustained severe and permanent injuries as a result of the attack.

Elliott’s attorney, Frank Salzano, expressed Elliott’s concern for the individual but did not comment on the case:

“Mr. Elliott and his representatives are aware of the lawsuit filed on July 30th, which stems from a previously reported incident from May 21st of this year,” said Salzano. “As Mr. Elliott expressed at that time, he was – and remains concerned – for the party involved.

“However, as in most disputes, there are extenuating circumstances to this matter which will impact the legal proceedings which we are not at liberty to disclose. As such, we have no further comment at this time.”

This is now the third time in the past 14 months that Elliott is being sued over an alleged incident involving his dogs.

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