Saturday’s loss was a rough one, but there is a report from Monday that brings additional attention to Ohio State.

According to Scott Roussel at Football Scoop, sources over the past few weeks have reported issues brewing between Ohio State’s football staff and athletic leadership. No specific details were given, but the term “friction” was used in the report to describe various issues in the relationship with Meyer and Gene Smith.

The Buckeyes suffered their first loss of the season Saturday in the 49-20 blowout loss to Purdue. While the loss far from derails Ohio State’s season, it was not a good look for an especially proud program.

Still, one has to imagine these reported issues go much deeper than the on-field performance this season. Obviously the Zach Smith scandal was a challenging one for all parties involved, and it will be interesting to see how things could develop from here.

Roussel did point to Meyer’s previous successes as a head coach as a reason for fans to maintain optimism moving forward. However, it is worth noting that Monday’s report included new issues that were not previously mentioned:

Given the success Urban has had, one should assume that in time, he will make the necessary changes to continue to improve the program itself, releasing that tension. However, that “friction” with athletics leadership is different. Something we’re told hasn’t been there in the past.

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