Earlier this week, Tate Martell was unable to beat out Jarren Williams to become the starting quarterback at Miami. But the former Buckeye-turned-Hurricane still has the drive to be on the field.

Even if it requires him to try out a new position.

According to a report from W.G. Ramirez, Martell is expected to get some work in at the wide receiver position with a week left until Miami takes on Florida in the season opener. InsideTheU reportedly confirmed the news.

It’s not clear whether or not Martell has practiced as a receiver at any time since leaving Ohio State for Miami, and a new position would certainly be a lot to learn in such a short time. But Martell is wanting to get on the field after spending his first two seasons with the Buckeyes as a bystander.

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Whether or not Martell will completely make a transition to receiver or will just give the new position a try is still unknown. But it’s something we’ll likely learn in the coming days.

Miami opens the season against Florida on Saturday, Aug. 24 in Orlando’s Camping World Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 p.m.