Urban Meyer has reportedly been the top target for the Jacksonville Jaguars to be the next head coach for a few weeks now. But even as the interview process is complete, NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport says there’s currently a “standstill” between the two sides.

Rapoport provided an update on the situation on Wednesday morning, and it sounds as though the job with the Jaguars is still Meyer’s to turn down. And the franchise seems happy to wait until the former Ohio State head coach makes a final decision.

“It seems like Urban Meyer is yet to fully commit to being a head coach in the NFL,” Rapoport said. “Unless there’s something else we just don’t know that they’re waiting on, that’s what seems to be the case.”

Rapoport mentioned that there could be several reasons why Meyer is taking his time. He cited family and health concerns as the two biggest reasons why the three-time national championship coach would turn down the job.

“There are family reasons, he’s got his grandchildren in Ohio,” Rapoport said. “I know he’s very close to them, he loves seeing them. He’s got health reasons, he’s retired a couple different times from coaching due to, what seemed at the time, serious health reasons.”

Meyer retired from coaching for the second time following the 2018 season at Ohio State. At the time, he said he “believes” he is done coaching, but has never ruled out a return on any level.

“Until Urban Meyer says, ‘I will definitely be a head coach in the NFL,’ and signs up, it seems like the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to keep waiting,” Rapoport said.

We’ll see if Meyer takes his first job in the NFL.