Nobody is going to mistake anybody for Jim Harbaugh in the state of Ohio. The government is making sure of it.

The 112th annual Ohio State-Michigan game, which is set for noon on Saturday in Ann Arbor, was given an official resolution by Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor.

On Saturday, Ohio residents are strongly discouraged not only from using the letter ‘M,’ but also from wearing khakis. The khaki ban actually goes deeper than Saturday. Kasich and Taylor’s resolution called for a ban from the pleated pants for all days.

The resolution failed to mention Harbaugh by name, but the same school that won’t even use the letter ‘M’ surely was not about to address the Michigan coach direction.

For the record, all of the ‘M’s were actually crossed out in the resolution, which you can see in its entirety here:

“WHEREAS, over the years the rivalry has been made richer by the unique styles of the great Ohio-born coaches who have roamed the sidelines in The Game, including Jim Tressel’s trademark sweater vest, Bo Schembechler’s timeless hat, and Woody Hayes’s signature glasses; and

WHEREAS, another Ohio-born coach makes his debut this year, bringing his own pleated sense of style to the sidelines, reportedly purchased at Wal-Mart for $8 a pair; and

WHEREAS, his style recalls guys standing around, being very casual and witty on a front porch in a 1991 Dockers commercial, which offended Jerry Seinfeld in the episode The Phone Message; and

WHEREAS, while the dull, earthly garment may be workplace appropriate for Jake from State Farm, coaches sporting them in a “shirts vs. skins” pickup game should stick to the “shirts” team.

NOW, THEREFORE, We, John R. Kasich and Mary Taylor, Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Ohio, do hereby recognize Saturday, November 28th, 2015 as


throughout Ohio and encourage all Ohioans to avoid using the letter M on this day, and to avoid wearing pleated khakis on this day and all days.”