RJ Young recently provided his reaction to the conclusion of the Ohio State quarterback battle. That battle concluded when Ryan Day announced junior Kyle McCord would be the full-time starter over Devin Brown.

In a segment for “The Number One College Football Show,” Young admitted the battle for the Buckeyes ultimately went the way he expected after CJ Stroud announced he was leaving for the NFL. However, Young does believe finalizing the QB decision in favor of McCord gives a chance for the connection with Marvin Harrison Jr. to flourish.

“It means everyone can rally around McCord in a very real way if they hadn’t already, and it also means that we finally get to see the McCord to (Harrison) connection kind of blossom into the thing we think it can be,” said Young. “I’m a big fan of QBs and WRs getting to play together no matter where they are. I’m thinking of Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase at LSU and now with the Cincinnati Bengals. I’m also thinking about Tua Tagovailoa and Jaylen Waddle… You can go back to McCord and Marvin Harrison Jr. who played together at St. Joe’s Prep in Philly and are now going to play as starters at the Ohio State University. It looked good last week against Youngstown State. Harrison had 7 receptions for 160 yards with 2 TDs in the first half.”

Getting McCord as the full-time QB could help Harrison regain a bit of ground in the Heisman odds after a lackluster Week 1. Fans looking to get in on the Heisman betting action can use our unique FanDuel Ohio promo code to get started!

The two showed what the connection could look like against Youngstown State, and now the challenge becomes making the connection more consistent against Western Kentucky and beyond. We’ll see how they fare in Week 3.