RJ Young recently broke down some of the top quarterback battles still up in the air around the country as we head into the summer. At the top of the list, Young had the battle facing Ryan Day and Ohio State as the most important battle to watch.

Young explained some of the reasons are due to Ohio State’s reputation as one of the premier offenses in the country:

“It’s Ohio State (as the top QB battle to watch) because Ohio State has built its reputation to be the opposite frankly of Georgia which is the offense that moves the needle, and that’s also been true of most national championship programs,” said Young.

Young also pointed to the potential postseason ramifications for Ohio State depending on which player wins the starting job. The rest of the roster for the Buckeyes should have the program in position to compete for a title, elevating the expectations for Day and his staff to find the right QB.

“The guy that wins between Kyle McCord and Devin Brown feels like the dude that is going to inherit a machine that is capable of getting back to the College Football Playoff,” Young explained. “Now, they will have to deal with having not beaten Michigan in two years… Whoever it is, that guy has got to hit the ground running.”

As for the ongoing battle, Young revealed he still expects Kyle McCord to eventually win the starting job for 2023. However, Young believes Devin Brown’s number change and the mentality behind his new number is something keeping him in the race.

“If the quarterback’s wearing No. 33, that’s gotta change the mentality of your team into one that’s a lot more physical,” Young said. “Matter of fact, the dude on the other side of the ball wearing No. 33? Jack Sawyer.”

Here’s Young’s full breakdown on the QB battle for the Buckeyes: