Ryan Day held his weekly press conference on Tuesday, breaking down the results from the Week 1 game against Ohio State. Though the Buckeyes secured the win, Day knows things need to improve across the board.

One area day particularly felt needed to improve is on the offensive line. Day said he felt the areas are corrected but also needs better execution from the unit moving forward.

“I’m not going to get into crazy details on it all, I felt they needed to play better. In the run game, I think we’re only 50% efficient overall running the ball on first and second down running the ball. That’s not good enough,” said Day. “They certainly did give us some things we weren’t expecting, but even when they did, I didn’t think we handled it as well as we could have, so getting back to work on that this week.

“I don’t see anything on the film that isn’t correctable. It’s not guys just getting flat-out beat or not good enough, so that is the most encouraging thing. I think they are things that can get corrected. Would have loved to see better execution but the things we’ve seen there are all correctable.”

In Week 1, Carson Hinzman made his first start at center. While Day said Hinzman did not grade out as a champion, the head coach was “encouraged” by what he saw from a player make his first start in a B1G road game.

“I was encouraged overall, he did not grade out a champion but for first road game at center, with everything going on, I thought he called a decent game,” Day explained. “There were a few things that were a little funky in there, but overall was okay. And now you get that first game under your belt… you can really focus on what matters as opposed to the question marks of your first game.”

(H/T Eleven Warriors)