Ryan Day got his team and fans pumped up in the final Skull Session of 2023.

In his message, he called on the Buckeyes to finish the season the right way, playing hard and leaving everything on the field. He called on fans to make the seniors playing their final game at Ohio Stadium memorable.

“The truth is, we’re all going to be remembered, seniors included, on how we finish,” Day said. “That’s just how it goes around here. So we all gotta do our part to make sure that this last time in the Shoe for these guys is memorable. We all have to do our part and we have to finish this thing the right way. We have to play our best football right now. The only way to do that is as hard as we possibly can, fighting for every yard with great energy.”

Ohio State is looking for a big showing in its final home game of the season. The Buckeyes take on Minnesota at 4 p.m. ET. They’re hoping to get through the game fairly easily before closing out the season in a season-defining game against Michigan on the road next week.

Minnesota is coming into the game after losing back-to-back games and is hoping for a huge upset over the Buckeyes.