Ryan Day and Ohio State hung on for another win, riding their defense once again in a 24-10 win over Wisconsin. While the defense was lights out, the game was close for longer than it needed to be.

A lot of that can be tied back to some first-half miscues on the part of Kyle McCord. The starting quarterback threw a pair of interceptions, including one deep in the red zone while clinging to a 10-3 halftime lead.

After the game, Day was asked about his reaction to those picks. The first interception was pinned on simply a bad decision, something Day believes McCord himself would admit.

It’s a play that broke down, and McCord should have just thrown it away:

“I usually don’t get into the plays right after the game, but I have a pretty good feel on exactly what happened on both of them. I think he would tell you on the first one, it was just a bad decision,” Day said. “It was first down… It was not how we designed it and the ball should have got thrown away.”

As for the second interception, Day credited the turnover to Wisconsin’s defender taking a chance and making a good play. The head coach admitted he didn’t have an issue with McCord’s read or decision-making on that specific play.

“The second one, the corner came off in cover-3. (McCord’s) reading the flat defender, and that defender, he just came right off. He took a chance and he made a nice play. I don’t really blame (McCord) for that play. I don’t,” said Day. “There’s going to be things when you’re pushing it down the field that things like that happen. I told him hey, I get it. The corner came off, let’s just play the next play. Those plays are behind us… He knew right when he came off the field on the first one that he wanted that one back. Good to see him hang in there and keep playing hard.”

When it was all said and done, McCord did bounce back and threw a pretty deep ball on a second touchdown to Marvin Harrison Jr. The QB also engineered another drive in the fourth quarter as the Buckeyes built a 2-score lead.