Ryan Day has already shifted his focus to Michigan and the Week 13 rivalry matchup in The Game. Following Ohio State’s win over Minnesota, Day was asked if he turned his attention to Michigan before the final whistle of Week 12.

Day declined to answer but did offer a smile and chuckle with his response. However, he credited his players with staying focused throughout the win over the Gophers.

At the end of his press conference, Day was eventually asked if he tuned in to Michigan’s hard-fought road win at Maryland. Day began with a coy response but ultimately admitted he did before Ohio State got rolling.

“I might have. Yeah, I might have. I mean, when you have time, you’re always watching the other games, and certainly that one was on,” Day explained.

In the end, both teams come out of Week 12 undefeated with perfect 11-0 records, but that is exactly how both sides want things for the iconic matchup. The winner of The Game will advance to the B1G Championship Game and an inside track to the College Football Playoff.

For now, the Buckeyes will hit a week of preparation with a much healthier roster than a season ago. Michigan will also line up for The Game without Jim Harbaugh on the sidelines.