Want to be the coach at Ohio State? Well, you have to be a darn good coach, for one. Two, the pressure is immense. Not winning enough? Not winning Big Ten titles routinely?

See you later.

With that, coaches tend to set themselves up for earning bonuses as the season goes on. Ryan Day, in Columbus, has reportedly netted $450,000 in bonuses already in 2019.

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That number could go up by $100,000 with a win over Clemson in the College Football Playoff semifinal on Saturday, Dec. 28. One bonus that Day hit this season was worth $100,000. That came when the Buckeyes beat the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten Championship.

Winning the Big Ten East title and Big Ten coach of the year recognition got him $50,000 apiece as well.

Being the head coach at Ohio State is hard. But if you win, you can rack up money rather quickly. After all, it makes sense.

That’s how big college football is. There is a lot of money involved and it has to go somewhere.

More information on Day’s bonuses and the rest of the head coaches in the CFB Playoff can be found here.