With no live sports occupying our daily lives, a lot of us have been depending on streaming services to get our fix on television. Whether it’s Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu or some other streaming service, they’ve all been put to the test recently.

One of the most popular shows right now is a documentary series called Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, which follows the lives of some of the most notorious keepers of big cats — lions, tigers, panthers and other exotic animals — in the United States.

It features several interesting characters throughout the show, including one man by the name of “Joe Exotic,” the primary subject in the documentary. And, apparently, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has been a fan of the docu-series.

Wednesday, Day met with reporters to talk about how he and his staff have been handling spring with no practices due to the ongoing public health crisis. Outside of daily football evaluations, meetings, recruiting items and other day-to-day stuff, Day has been passing time like the rest of us.

That includes watching Tiger King. Day and his wife apparently binge-watched the popular documentary over the past week.

“That was entertaining to say the least,” Day said.

So, football c0aches, while still keeping busy with football things, are just like the rest of us. When there’s an interesting documentary to watch, they’re tuning in, as well. Especially now that we’re all quarantined in our homes.