Ryan Day is facing another high stakes season at Ohio State as he aims to get in the College Football Playoff and beyond in 2024.

The Ohio State coach recently measured those expectations as the Buckeyes in recent years have been close, but haven’t finished with a championship.

“At Ohio State you’re chasing, and we have been for the last couple of years, and continue to, chasing that last drive, or you’re chasing that 1%,” Day said on SiriusXM. “And that’s part of having that veteran team that’s coming back and having the players lead the mindset and the goals.”

Echoing early comments, Day reiterated that at Ohio State it’s not about an undefeated start.

“You could go 11-0, and lose the last game, or get all the way down to the wire and come up short and that’s not good enough,” Day said. “Again, it’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to actually live it and I think the guys in the building get it.”

Day said that catchy slogans won’t get it done, and that the Buckeyes are simply putting the work in. He noted 8 home games overall, and key road games at Oregon and at Penn State before the final regular season home game with Michigan.

“We know that it’s going to be a long run to next January,” he said. “But the guys coming back have that focus of chasing that 1%, the last few drives of a game that we’ve got to go finish to reach our goals.”