Ryan Day had a clear message to B1G presidents on Wednesday — don’t cancel the college football season. Not yet, anyway.

On Monday, Day joined College Football Live on ESPN to discuss the reports earlier in the day that the conference was electing to cancel football for the fall. While it was initially reported on the Dan Patrick Show, a B1G spokesperson said that there has been no official vote on the season.

The B1G presidents are scheduled to meet on Monday evening to make a decision. Day was asked what his message would be to the presidents meeting tonight, with the topic of college football at hand.

“We cannot cancel the season right now,” Day said. “Let’s do everything we can, we need to exhaust every single option we have [before canceling the season].”

Day said it was owed to the players to exhaust all options before cancelling the season, even if it means postponing the year or utilizing that added flexibility.

Day also said that Monday’s initial report blindsided him and his team.

“It caught me off guard,” Day said. “We put the schedule out last week and it was designed to have some flexibility. [Canceling the season] now would be a mistake.”

As the B1G continues to mull its decision on the upcoming football season, Day said that, if the league does cancel football, Ohio State would likely be willing to explore all options. He wants to give his players every opportunity to play this season, even if it means aligning with a different conference for one season.