Ryan Day spoke with FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt about an ongoing idea in college football. Is there a need for a commissioner of sorts to oversee the sport from a national perspective, and not just conference or regional silos?

“I think eventually there’s a great chance that something like that can happen. When you look at structures that are out there that compete in this type of environments, that’s typically what happens,” Day said. “I think we know what the challenges are. People come from different points of view, different parts of the country, and there are different rules in place, different number of conference games, there’s a lot of things that come into play.”

Day added that the more college football can go down the road toward a centralized governing body, the better change the sport has to come together. Day also recalled how the pandemic revealed that college football is segmented when a big decision is made nationally.

Klatt added that college football will never maximize the growth it’s already seeing from a revenue standpoint unless “everybody gets on the same boat.”

“It’s always going to fall just short of what it could be,” Klatt said, and pointed to postseason expansion and non-conference scheduling.