Ohio State is entering the 2023 season opener against Indiana with an active quarterback competition still in full swing.

Coach Ryan Day and the staff said Kyle McCord will get the start against the Hoosiers on Saturday afternoon, but made it clear that Devin Brown will get plenty of reps too as neither QB separated himself as the season-long starter in the offseason.

In an interview with CBS as his team was taking the field to warm up for the 3:30 kickoff, Day was asked exactly how the two-quarterback rotation will work in the Indiana game.

“We have been doing that in practice, Kyle will start, he will play at least the first 2, 3 series and then Devin will probably get an opportunity to play. We will see how the game plays out. I’m excited to see them on the field, and evaluate the game afterwords. See the plays that were well-executed and things we have to improve on,” he said.

Day was then asked what exactly he will look for after watching the Indiana tape to help solidify a starting quarterback for the Buckeyes this season.

“They are live now, obviously in practice they don’t get tackled so that will be a big deal just seeing how they handle it,” Day said. “But also 3rd down, red zone, the big opportunities to make plays in the play-action game. Those are all things we will be keeping an eye on.”

This is certainly a unique situation for Ohio State fans with having so much stability at the quarterback position in recent years. Day sounds like he’s going to give both McCord and Brown a fair shot, and if one quarterback is significantly better against Indiana, he could end up becoming the team’s full-time starter.