Justin Fields is aiming to be a high draft pick at the end of this month, but some criticism surrounding the Ohio State quarterback has surfaced in the pre-draft process.

Among other things, ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky went public with claims that he had heard NFL personnel express concerns over Fields’ work ethic. Orlovsky’s report was enough to warrant a response from colleague Kirk Herbstreit who labeled Orlovsky’s comments as “reckless.”

On Friday morning, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day was also afforded the opportunity to respond to national criticism of his star quarterback. During an appearance on Morning Juice with hosts Brandon Beam and Bobby Carpenter, Day went to bat emphatically for Fields:

“First off, I read some of the things that were said in the last few days, and I take umbrage with that,” said Day. “I don’t understand where any of that’s coming from.

“This is a guy who, after that Clemson loss, took it personally coming off the field the last game ending with the interception. And all he did for the next year was work on getting back to that game. When COVID hit and we were in quarantine, he went home and I think (Mickey) Marotti would tell you he’s one of our hardest workers. And he told me the other day that he inspired Mick every day during that time…he really inspired our team, I can honestly say that.”

Day went on to say that the 2020 season Fields put up is arguably the best example of work ethic and competitive toughness in the nation:

“Then he comes into the season, competes really well, gets all the way back to that same game that he lost the year before, gets nailed in the back, and very easily could have come out,” explained Day. “Then didn’t (come out), threw six touchdowns, and went on to win that game.

“If you’re talking about a body of work over one year of unbelievable work ethic and competitive toughness, I’m not sure there’s someone better out there in the country, and that’s what you’re getting if you’re drafting Justin Fields.”

Concerns of Fields’ work ethic definitely appear to overblown, but we will likely find out if NFL teams are buying that later this month. The first round of the NFL Draft is set for April 29.

You can hear the full interview of Day’s Morning Juice appearance below: