Ryan Day and Ohio State were just minutes from completing a resounding win over Minnesota. However, there’s no time to celebrate any victory at this time of the year.

Immediately after the win, Day said during his postgame interview that the defense has been working to be at their best for the end of the year. That time has come, and the team has already moved the focus to The Game as soon as the clock hit zero in Week 12.

“They’ve been working hard toward playing their best football at the end of the year, and so here we are. All of our attention goes to The Game next week. The minute clock hits zero, all the focus is on that and we want to be playing our best football in this game,” said Day. “We’ll quickly look at this game but it’s on to the team up north.”

Asked about Ohio State’s rushing attack hitting 200 yards, the head coach said his offense has found an identity down the stretch. The defense has had an identity for a while, but Day knows the Buckeyes have to prove it vs. Michigan.

“It was good to see us come out first play of the second half to get that big run, then the turnover. That was all well done,” Day claimed. “We’ve found an identity on offense, we have an identity on defense. Now it’s go time to put it all on the line.”