With the nation in a health crisis currently, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has taken to social media to urge people to heed the government’s advice to practice social distancing, safe health and assist those in need.

On Wednesday morning, Day posted a video to Twitter, encouraging to listen to the instructions and recommendations that have been past down from government officials. His message was directed at Buckeye Nation, but it can apply to all.

“We are in a health crisis as all of you know and unprecedented times. I just wanted to give a message to everyone to let them know that we’re in this thing together,” Day said in the video. “Although a lot of us and our loved ones are going to be affected by this physically, mentally and financially, that we are in this thing together. At times like this is when we need to come together even more.

“As much as we can help those who are vulnerable right now, I think we need to do that. Especially the elderly, I think it’s important that they need our support. But the health and the wellness of everybody right now is of utmost importance. Please adhere to all the guidelines that our government has set forth. We need to take this very, very seriously and with that we’re going to get through this together.”

Day also thanks all the hard-working medical professionals during this time.

Below is the full video from the Ohio State head coach: