Ezekiel Elliott’s leap into the Salvation Army’s giant Red Kettle on Sunday has resulted in a wave of donations for the organization.

After Elliott’s touchdown in the Cowboys’ 26-20 win over the Buccaneers, the rookie running back ran towards the prop and “deposited” himself. Whether or not it was meant to any significant meaning, the aftermath has been extremely generous.

Since his hop into kettle, the Salvation Army has seen an increase by roughly $200,000 in donations according to Lt. Col. Ron Busroe, the Community Relations and Development Secretary for the Salvation Army. More of that can be read in an article by SportsDay.

Elliott himself made a donation of $21,000 and asked others to donate $21 if possible.

The action of hopping into the kettle as a celebration after a touchdown drew some criticism after it was announced that Elliott wouldn’t be fined. Former Michigan State running back and Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. were particularly puzzled by the league’s decision, calling it a double-standard.

You can bicker all day about whether Elliott should be fined by the league for his celebration, but it’s remarkable that his action had such a big impact in only a few days.