Ohio State has embraced the adversity that has come its way since losing in the College Football Playoff last year to Clemson. In fact, it has made this adversity a part of their DNA.

Ahead of the New Year’s Day Sugar Bowl against No. 2 Clemson, the No. 2 Ohio State released a different type of hype video. The stirring release, narrated by star wide receiver Chris Olave, takes viewers on a march from last year’s loss in the playoff through a turbulent offseason.

The Buckeyes are 6-0 and have beaten two teams that are currently ranked this season.

A season that was originally cancelled due to COVID-19, the program lending their voice to social issues and then the cancellation of three regular season games for the resumed season were just some of the hurdles that Ohio State had to overcome. Not to mention the team technically being ineligible for this year’s Big Ten Championship Game due to those cancelled regular season games.

Not to worry, however, Ohio State is here and representing the Big Ten once again in the playoffs.

Even for non-Buckeyes fans, this well-done video, reminiscent of something done by NFL Films or ‘SC Featured’ is worth the few minutes.