Justin Fields is with the Chicago Bears, getting settled into the NFL with team OTAs while training camp looms right around the corner.

Fields was selected by Chicago at No. 11 overall in this year’s NFL Draft after the Bears moved up in the first round to grab him. With that move comes some increased expectations, even if Fields does start the year as the backup while adjusting to the next level.

Though Fields should be in a solid situation with the Bears, a recent report indicates he very nearly could have wound up at a different NFC North destination. According to Mike Florio with Pro Football Talk, the Minnesota Vikings were in talks with the Carolina Panthers to move up to No. 8 overall.

Citing a league source, Florio says the Vikings were targeting Fields at No. 8 and probably would have selected him had he fallen to their original pick at No. 14. The Bears thwarted any of those plans when they landed the deal to move up to No. 11.

Now, it will be interesting to see how the Bears and Vikings series plays out in the future now that Fields is in Chicago. Will Minnesota regret not landing the electric quarterback after having to face him twice a year?

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