You knew it was going to be bad.

In the age of memes, GIFS and vines, you knew that the internet was going to have some serious fun with the shocked Michigan fan that ESPN showed at the end of the crazy ending in Ann Arbor.

Just in case you haven’t seen the guy enough from the thousands of times you’ve seen the ending, people everywhere are recreating the shocked Michigan fan.

The guy is less than two weeks old on the internet and already people are dressing up to be him on Halloween.

And hey, even better, an Ohio State fan made a jack-o-lantern/pumpkin in the shocked Michigan fan’s likeness. They’ve even got the glasses and everything.

People are even making money off the poor guy.

Of course Ohio State fans had O-H-I-O shirts with the shocked Michigan fan.

Hopefully this guy is a good sport and is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.