Cease fire.

That’s the approach Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith took after Jim Harbaugh’s Twitter bomb on Tuesday night.

In case you missed it, Smith made headlines on Tuesday for saying that Ohio State wouldn’t be practicing in Florida because their program didn’t need a “jumpstart.” Many took that as Smith saying that Michigan only did it because it needed said jumpstart.

Harbaugh was one of those people. So naturally, he went directly at Smith with a tweet about Ohio State’s “tattoogate” scandal.

On Wednesday morning, Smith delivered a statement from his personal Twitter account:

The original comments from Smith, some Ohio State beat reporters said, were taken out of context. Smith never did directly reference Michigan, but in a vacuum, it was interpreted differently.

So for the time being, it appears that Michigan and Ohio State will stop exchanging jabs and non-jabs.

But that’s probably wishful thinking.