You get the sense that Saturday night meant a lot to Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith.

Smith reportedly has bad blood with Nebraska receivers coach Keith Williams. The two battled in the recruiting world many a time, and often times, Smith has a subtweet directed at Williams. That was the case after Williams was arrested for driving under the influence in August.

Smith hasn’t been shy about reminding the world about Ohio State’s one-sided win.

Williams calls his position group “Gorilla wideouts.” An hour after Ohio State’s 59-point win on Saturday night, Smith fired off this #RIPHarambe tweet:

Smith also added this “talk is cheap” tweet, which many interpreted as a shot at Williams and Nebraska:

Smith took time on Tuesday morning to praise a different position group. Instead of giving his receivers love, he talked about the job the OSU secondary did…against the Nebraska wideouts, of course:

Smith’s prized pupil, dynamic rookie receiver Mike Thomas, threw some shade at his cousin, Keyshawn Johnson, Jr., who is committed to Williams and Nebraska.

Smith retweeted this:

Did Smith directly bash the Huskers? Technically, no.

But he did about everything in his social media power to make sure the world knew who won Saturday night’s battle in Columbus.