It caught some off-guard a couple weeks ago when Urban Meyer admitted that he might try and copy Michigan’s “creative” spring break relocation idea.

Meyer since backed off those comments. He said on Tuesday at a spring practice press conference that he couldn’t imagine taking away spring break from his players. There was no reference to Michigan.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith didn’t address Michigan directly, either. But he appeared to take a subtle shot at the Wolverines when he was asked about holding spring practice in Florida.

You be the judge:

If that wasn’t meant to be a shot at Michigan, it was certainly an odd way to phrase an answer.

Michigan, of course, was coming off a five-win season in 2014 before Jim Harbaugh arrived. Even though he turned the Wolverines into a top-15 team again, they still fell 42-13 to the Buckeyes at home.

And despite all the attention Michigan’s 2016 signing period generated, it was Ohio State that finished tops in the B1G for their incoming class.

One could argue that a program coming off a 10-win season isn’t exactly in need of a “jump start,” but Smith’s program still holds the advantage over Michigan.

It’s good to see that no love is lost between these two teams…even in March.