It looks like Tate Martell may be back in 2021 after opting out of the 2020 season with the Hurricanes.

The ex-Buckeye and former backup to Dwayne Haskins transferred to Miami in 2019. He saw limited action and was even moved to wide receiver for a while with the Hurricanes prior to 2020.

To start the 2020 season, Martell was suspended for the team’s opening game of the season. But after that, Martell opted out and did not see any action.

According to a report by 247 Sports from last week, Martell is expected to return to the Hurricanes after sitting out 2020. In what capacity remains to be seen, but that would be an interesting move for both Miami and Martell.

Martell also hinted at a return for 2021 Tuesday afternoon on Twitter. In his post, he shared images from a few drills he was running with the caption “just had to get my mind right, that’s it.”

It sure looks like he is training with a return in mind:

Martell was extremely efficient as a backup for Ohio State in 2018, throwing for 269 yards and a touchdown and adding 128 yards rushing and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, he had just seven carries and one pass attempt with the Hurricanes in 2019.

Stay tuned to see what 2021 has in store for Martell.