Tim Tebow is a sensitive subject for Ohio State fans.

The former Florida quarterback scored two touchdowns in the 2007 National Championship, in which Urban Meyer led the Gators to a victory over the Buckeyes. Tebow, of course, later went on to become one of the best players in college football history.

Meyer has probably mentioned his rise to recruits once or twice, as he should. But Ohio State decided to play up the Meyer-Tebow relationship on its official Twitter account:

For the record, it isn’t saying anywhere that Tebow played at Ohio State. The school was obviously pitching the benefits of playing for Meyer. But the lines “You come here and we’ll do it” was a line Meyer said in relation to getting Tebow to come to Florida, not Ohio State.

So naturally, that upset quite a few people.



There were several more comments on the picture, many of which were NSFW. It probably wouldn’t have gotten as much heat if it didn’t say the “come here and we’ll do it” line with Tebow’s name in scarlet.

But maybe in the future, Ohio State will use one of its dozens of NFL players that Meyer coached in Columbus to market to recruits.