Ohio State did not think too highly of Virginia Tech’s “DBU” claim.

Following the Buckeyes’ 42-24 win in Blacksburg on Monday night, OSU players took to Twitter to deliver some parting shots to the Virginia Tech defensive backs.

On Wednesday, the Hokies got a chance to respond to some of the Buckeye claims on social media. Or not respond.

Kendall Fuller is a preseason All-American who got torched by Mike Thomas’ stutter step for an easy touchdown. He didn’t have any ammo to fire with.

“They took the ‘W.’ They can talk on social media. We can’t,” Fuller told the Roanoke Times.

Fuller’s coach echoed the non-response.

“They got the better of us,” defensive secondary coach Torrian Gray said to the Roanoke Times. “To the victor goes to the spoils. We won last year. I’m not sure if we trash talked or anything, but they’ve been stewing on that one for a while. They won. They deserve it. Hats off to them.”

In Virginia Tech’s defense, there have been 13 Hokie defensive backs drafted by the NFL in the last 10 years.

That didn’t make a difference on Monday.