2016 has been a pretty fantastic sports year for Cleveland.

The Cavaliers beat Golden State in the NBA Finals to end a 52-year championship drought for the city. The Indians pushed the Cubs to the brink in the World Series before losing in Game 7. And the Browns? Well, the Browns haven’t changed much.

Currently, the Browns sit at 0-9 heading into their Thursday match-up against the Baltimore Ravens. And while most have written off the NFL’s worst team, former Ohio State Buckeye and current Cleveland receiver Terrelle Pryor still has hope.

Probably too much hope.

Pryor said in a radio interview before Thursday’s game that he believes his team still has a chance to reach the playoffs (they do not) and salvage something good from this miserable season.

Here’s what the receiver had to say:

We just have to keep fighting At the end of the day, I still look at it like we have a chance to make the playoffs. It’s gonna start this week. I mean if we lose [in Baltimore, the chances] probably dwindle down. But you never know.

If we can some way…if something just clicks with us and we can win seven in a row, you never know what can happen. That’s the exciting part and maybe something we can aim for.

At this point in the season, there really isn’t that much to say. And Pryor doesn’t want to bash his team with still seven games left on the schedule. Still, the statement seems overly optimistic for a team that hasn’t posted a single win this season.

He probably just wants to get in on the exciting sports year that’s taken Cleveland by storm this year.