Urban Meyer has a lot of connections in college football. So when the former Ohio State and Florida head coach says there’s going to be football in the fall, there’s probably some credence to what he’s saying.

Meyer recently spoke with FOX Sports about the upcoming college football season. Of course, the one consistent question has been whether or not a season will be played when late August rolls around. The three-time national championship coach says that football will be back.

“I’ve had many conversations, there will be football,” Meyer said, according to 247Sports. “There are certain areas of the country that have not been [heavily] impacted by the coronavirus. They will play football. I’ve talked to enough people that they’re adamant that this will happen. What that’s going to look like, to be determined. But there will be football this fall.”

There have been several contingency plans proposed for the upcoming season if it can’t be played as scheduled. Playing in front of empty stadiums, having a conference-only schedule and starting the season later have seemed to be the most popular ideas.

What the best option is — outside of playing the full schedule with no hiccups of course — is still unknown. But Meyer seems pretty confident that football will be returning in the fall.

We sure hope he’s right.