Oh, how the tables have turned.

In the beginning of the season, SEC pundits had a major problem with Ohio State’s strength of schedule. The fact that the Buckeyes didn’t have to play a ranked opponent until the second-to-last week of the regular season enraged some.

But now, with Alabama and Ohio State both with one loss, it’s Alabama that has a weak conference championship game as a virtual play-in for the College Football Playoff. And Ohio State can’t get to the College Football Playoff without Alabama, or possibly Clemson, losing.

Ohio State receiver Mike Thomas knows what’s at stake this weekend while his team sits idle. So he did a little trolling of Alabama’s “loaded SEC schedule.”

In Alabama’s defense, Thomas’ portrayal of the Tide’s schedule is a bit slanted. Wisconsin was No. 20, Georgia was No. 8, Texas A&M was No. 9 and LSU was No. 4 when they squared off with Alabama.

Still, Thomas does have an interesting point. Ohio State was penalized for losing to a top-10 team at home far more than Alabama was for its home loss. At season’s end, Alabama’s strength of schedule doesn’t look nearly as strong as it once did because it was a down year in the SEC. And last time I checked, it was Ohio State that proved it was the superior squad when the teams squared off in last year’s Sugar Bowl.

Unfortunately for Thomas, the same committee that slotted one-loss Alabama ahead of his unbeaten Buckeyes isn’t likely going to have some massive change of heart if and when the Tide rolls over Florida.

But it’s always worth a shot.