Nick Bosa’s decision to leave Ohio State and pursue a future with the NFL has been one of the most debated topics in college football this week. For the most part, the decision has been respected.

Former Florida quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and current SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow is a little more critical of the decision, though. He believes that Bosa may regret the decision to drop out of Ohio State somewhere down the road.

Tebow made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take on Friday to talk about the defensive end’s decision to leave Columbus and begin training for his NFL career.

“Listen, your brother (former Ohio State and current Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa) is making tens of millions and he can support you,” Tebow said. “Listen, he’s your brother. And you’re probably, even if you get injured, you’re still going to be a high draft pick. But I get that it’s a huge, it’s a lot of money, it’s life changing so I understand that. I’m not trying to knock him for it.

“I’m just trying to say when you look back, when you’re a grandfather, wouldn’t you love to take your grandkids back to Ohio State and say, ‘Look no one thought we could beat Alabama. And they had this Heisman Trophy winner in Tua Tagovailoa, but I came back for the semifinal we were No. 4, we beat the No. 1 team.’ Like, I just believe in putting it all out there. I’m putting my chips in. You know what, if I lose I lose but at least I’m going down giving everything I have. That’s my thought process for it.”

Bosa suffered a core muscle injury during Ohio State’s matchup against TCU. He had surgery a few days after the game and hasn’t returned to the field.

He wasn’t expected to return until November.

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