On a day in which hot takes were everywhere following the announcement of the College Football Playoff, of course Clay Travis offered one of his own.

The Fox Sports personality was in the camp that believed Penn State deserved to make the field ahead of Ohio State. He didn’t understand why the Lions, with the head-to-head advantage and a conference title, got in ahead of the Buckeyes.

Well, he thinks he knows why the selection committee picked Ohio State. He claimed it was because of Ohio State’s brand.

“It’s amazing that anyone can use any rationale they want to justify a decision, which I think is about brand,” Travis said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Travis went into detail about how if the scenario was flipped, and Ohio State was the two-loss conference champ, that there’d be a “zero-percent chance” that the Buckeyes got left out. He also claimed that OSU fans would’ve made the head-to-head argument had Wisconsin won the B1G Championship.

During his “Outback the Coverage” show, Travis said that the committee “screwed” Penn State.

The argument against Travis was obviously the fact that OSU had one loss and Penn State had two. The Buckeyes also had more wins vs. top-10 teams than the Lions.

And there’s also the fact that the Penn State brand isn’t lacking. The Lions are annually among the top five in attendance with one of the largest alumni bases in the country.

Still, Travis and others made their points loud and clear the past 24 hours.