With college jobs coming open at a dizzying rate right now, everyone is getting linked to everything. With Notre Dame officially on the hunt for a new head coach, Urban Meyer’s name has been tossed around as a potential option. Citing sources, the Associated Press reported Tuesday that Meyer has no interest in coming back to coach college football.

Meyer left Ohio State following the 2018 season after 17 years of coaching in the college ranks. This year, he returned to the sidelines by agreeing to be the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. But the maiden voyage has been a rocky one and the Jags are way down the AFC standings at 2-9.

The head coach addressed the topic directly during a conference call with LA Rams writers ahead of the Jaguars’ Sunday game.

“I’m not a candidate,” he said plainly, per the AP’s Greg Beacham. “Obviously I spent 6 years of my life there, so great respect for Notre Dame, and as I do USC, UCLA, like we talked about (earlier in the call). But I’m committed to the Jaguars and doing the best we can to turn this thing around.”

Meyer spent 5 seasons (1996-2000) as the Notre Dame wideout coach early in his career and once while at Florida called the head job a “dream job.” But he shot down USC speculation when the Trojans fired Clay Helton in September and has kept the same tune here.

College football has changed significantly since Meyer stepped down from college coaching a few years ago, and that’s worth keeping in mind. Transfer restrictions are looser and NIL legislation has changed how student-athletes can and cannot operate. The NFL schedule also doesn’t require the same 24/7 commitment that college recruiting does.