Ohio State was trailing 16-6 after two quarters in Madison last week. The Buckeyes didn’t play well and were getting beat on both sides of the football. So, surely, Urban Meyer had something to tell his team at halftime, right?


In an article written by Ari Wasserman for Cleveland.com, Meyer admitted that he didn’t say anything to his team to motivate them at the break. In fact, he doesn’t really believe in that type of thing in the first place.

Meyer had this to say in Wasserman’s article:

“It’s kind of silly when you say, how was the pregame speech, Coach? I don’t know. They’re certainly not listening for something … Are they going to play harder because you said something? They play harder because of the training, power of the unit, and brotherhood of trust, in our opinion, the way we approach it. That’s why they play so damn hard.

You can read the full story here.

So the next time the Buckeyes are struggling after the first half, you don’t have to wonder what Meyer is saying or doing in the locker room. Chances are he’s keeping to himself and letting his coaching staff make the adjustments.