I think, I think, I think.

Those are the two words we keep hearing from Urban Meyer as it relates to his future in the college football coaching professional. He continually says he thinks he’s done coaching, but has never definitively said he won’t be on the sidelines again.

Meyer offered that same comment in a story from ESPN’s Heather Dinich. He still isn’t putting any certainty behind his comments.

“I think it is,” Meyer said, when asked if his decision to step away was final. “I know people get tired of hearing that, but I think it is.

“I knew when I stepped away [from Florida] pretty quickly that I had made a mistake, that I wasn’t ready to step away, but I think this one’s different.”

Meyer retired after his seventh season with Ohio State, citing health concerns as an issue this season. But many are still skeptical, considering he followed a similar path when he stepped away at Florida.

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Throughout the offseason, Meyer’s name has been tied to USC, should Clay Helton be terminated at any point in the year. That could be an attractive job for Meyer, another premier program, this time in the Pac-12.

For now, Meyer is sticking to his story, saying he “thinks” he’s done coaching college football. We’ll probably know by the end of the year if he can really stay away.

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