Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel have seen their fair share of talented rosters at Ohio State while winning championships with the Buckeyes. However, they both admit there is something special brewing in Columbus, though that does little to ease the pressure facing head coach Ryan Day.

In a recent interview, Meyer was outspoken in his belief that Ohio State has one of the most talented rosters of the past decade. By that timeline, that would include Meyer’s own Buckeye roster from the 2015 season that produced an outstanding crop of NFL players.

“As of now, this is one of the most talented rosters of the last decade. Maybe ever,” claimed Meyer. “That’s a big statement. They’ve got to play, but you look at the quality of athlete at every position. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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Tressel also said he’s never seen a group of players this strong within the Woody Hayes Building at the same time:

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that many great players in that building all at once,” admitted Tressel. “Every position, every place you turn, so Ryan’s done a great job. Ohio State’s done a great job.”

To no surprise, that roster as the Buckeyes positioned as the favorite in the 2024 B1G Championship odds ahead of teams like Oregon, Penn State and Michigan. However, Ohio State is thinking national championship this season, and fans can find the best deals and odds with Tradition’s DraftKings Ohio promo code.

What’s at stake

The true tale of the tape of the talent on Ohio State’s roster will be determined by the NFL Draft and performances at the next level. But that’s not really what’s at stake now is it?

In fact, if you listen closely to both Meyer and Tressel you can hear what they are really saying.

“Ryan Day better not *bleep* this up.”

Okay, that’s putting words in people’s mouths, and I will rescind that comment. But you get the point, and it’s one Day cannot run from, even if he wanted to.

This roster should be the best in college football. The Buckeyes know it. The former Buckeye leaders (Meyer and Tressel) know it. The rest of the country knows it, and Day himself knows it.

But, if you will allow me just one Spider-Man reference: With great power comes great responsibility. Or in this case, pressure to deliver the long-awaited national title.

Now to Day’s credit, he’s said the appropriate things every time he takes the podium.

Losing to Michigan? Unacceptable. Missing out on a B1G title? Disgraceful. Sneaking into the Playoff and being able to say you almost stopped the juggernaut Georgia dynasty? For some programs, that’s enough, For Ohio State, it’s enough to get you fired if you don’t deliver your own title-winning season.

And, while it’s hard to imagine Ohio State attracting a better head coach on paper than Day, this should be viewed as a make-or-break season for his time in Columbus. All it takes it looking at the pieces he has had in the past.

In 2019, Day had a tailor-made offense and defense that ultimately fell to Clemson in controversial nature. That trip to the Playoff initially looked like a tune-up to Ohio State’s true destiny in 2020, but then the COVID season happened.

Even if the Buckeyes get a mulligan for 2020 (Be honest, the B1G’s decision to shorten the season eliminated every team from a title without enough time on the field), that doesn’t wipe away missing out on a title with 2 seasons of CJ Stroud under center.

Now, Day does not have the benefit of the generational talent under center, but he does have arguably the deepest QB room in the country. And the deepest running back room, and the deepest secondary, and an elite defensive line… do we need to continue?

Long story short, Day needs to win the title this fall or the argument he will never win “the big one” carries a lot of weight. He is always going to field a talented roster in Columbus, but he’s not going to find a better chance to win it all than 2024.

Meyer and Tressel know it, and that adds additional pressure to a boulder-sized weight on the shoulders of Day.

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