Urban Meyer is returning to the microphone in a broadcast role for the 2022-23 college football season.

On Friday, FOX officially announced the return of the original cast for the FOX Big Noon Kickoff pre-game show for the season:

“Big Noon Kickoff returns with its original cast, Rob Stone, Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Urban Meyer, together again on the road this fall,” FOX announced in the release. “For the first time ever, Big Noon Kickoff travels each week of the season, previewing the day’s best matchups from campuses across the nation. A brand-new promo featuring the cast of Big Noon Kickoff and the Big Noon Saturday game crew debuts tomorrow, Saturday, Aug. 20, during FOX’s Baseball Night in America.”

Meyer previously served with the network after stepping away from football after his stint as the head coach at Ohio State. He spent 2021 coaching the Jacksonville Jaguars but was eventually fired for a number of off-field issues and poor results on the field.

Considering how things went down in Jacksonville, it will be interesting to see how Meyer’s return to broadcasting is received by college football fans.

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