Urban Meyer doesn’t have to deal with the same disappointment as Penn State or Michigan. On Sunday, Ohio State’s name was called as one of the four teams competing for a national title in the College Football Playoff.

That doesn’t mean that the Buckeyes head coach doesn’t understand how those other two B1G schools vying for a playoff bid must feel after being left out of the mix.

Meyer appeared on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show on Monday morning to talk about his season and his team’s bid on the College Football Playoff. But Meyer was also asked how his team would feel if it was put in Penn State’s position – winning the conference title but being left off of the final four list.

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Here’s what Meyer had to say:

It would be terrible…how do you tell that team up North, our rivals – that’s as good a team as I’ve ever coached against. Penn State’s the most improved team I’ve seen start to finish in a season.

Meyer also talked about how he believes that his team’s non-conference schedule may have been the difference for the Buckeyes getting the nod over some of the other programs competing for that final spot:

When I saw Oklahoma pop up on our schedule, I don’t get involved much with our scheduling, and I saw a young team with all the new players we were going to have after all those guys got drafted. Taking them to Oklahoma I thought, ‘now why would we do that.’ Now I understand. If we didn’t play Oklahoma we would not be in.

Though they were left out of the College Football Playoff, Michigan and Penn State will still have pretty appealing destinations. Penn State will play USC in the Rose Bowl and Michigan will take on Florida State in the Orange Bowl.